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Investing in Canada

At BizCan we know buying a business is an important decision – just any business will not work. We ensure that the client purchases a business ideally suited to their past experience and skill sets. All the aspects are audited and verified by independent professionals so that our clients can focus on business with complete piece of mind.

BizCan Mission Vision

How are we better than your internet search...

we look out for your best interests… How do we do it?
Business Identification
  • Identifying verified business opportunity matching your skillset and experience
  • Advice on doing business in Canada
  • Market intelligence on your specific industry
Best location for your Business Advice
  • Assist client in looking for and finalizing the business location
Company Formation in Canada
  • Advice on type of company and incorporation best suited for your planned business model
  • Legal team to execute the decided course
Business Purchase
  • Developing a business plan as per your skills and business needs encompassing both short term and long terms goals and strategies
  • Business audit and valuation by our experts’ team for both financial, legal and any other business specific or client required aspect
  • Sales Negotiation assistance including preparing the LOI as well as outlining T&C for the sale
  • Organize an initial meet if required between the buyer-seller
  • Advisory service through-out the process to answer any questions you have or suggest options
  • Business Finance Advice
  • Advice on RBI policy to invest in Canada
  • Advice on Banking in Canada
  • Actual purchase assist and advice
Business Augmentation
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for future diversification or expansion as per client needs
Market study and report to develop options
Immigration Advice
  • Contact with immigration specialists to advice you on possibilities
  • Expert lawyers’ advice you in your immigration journey to Canada
Post Arrival to Canada – Settlement Services – What sets us apart……
  • Introductions to
    • Awareness of specific business regulatory environment
    • Key contacts in private industry
    • Strategic industry events and associations
    • Advice on which Accounting firms to use
    • Advice on which Law firms to engage for business
  • Address any specific needs of yours on travel to Canada
  • Assist in initial accommodation hunting, office, car purchase and basic activities
  • Advice on registering for and receiving required IDs
  • Advice on acclimatizing to living in Canada – food, shopping, medical
  • Advice on education of children- their admissions etc.

BizCan Methodology

BizCan Methodology


BizCan Combined service offering

The USP of BizCan‘s services is its vast network of experts across the business purchase and settlement services life cycle. This specialist team works to provide custom made solutions for our clients whether it be the actual business identification to purchase, or settlement in Canada to additional value-added services like business augmentation.

The cornerstone of our success lies in the fact that each single member of our team has been hand picked because of their unique experience and skill sets in their field of expertise. Each member brings to the table value that we deliver to our customers in a bouquet that is unparalleled and unequal in the current market.

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