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BizCan Value

Leveraging our extensive network of legal, financial and insurance experts as well as realtors and business brokers to provide customized one-stop-solutions to our clients looking at investing in Canada. BizCan provides a wide gamut of services enabling clients to purchase verified businesses in Canada with a vast experience in a number of industries. BizCan is uniquely poised to enable clients to have a hassle-free business purchase experience.

Managing business across two tax regimes
Our team brings to the table over 2 decades of experience in doing business in India and 4 decades in Canada with in depth knowledge of the system, processes and legalities to legally undertake investment in Canada as well as an understanding of the tax matters vis-a-vis your investments in Canada.
Expertise in doing business in Canada
Extensive knowledge of the nuances of doing business in Canada from banking, licensing, legal requirements, statutory compliances, taxation and many more.
Settlement Services
This sets us apart – you land among family and we take the hassle and the stress out of establishing your business in Canada. We provide hands on advice every step of the way and build life long relationships.


BizCan strives to provide its clients with a hassle free business purchase experience.

Business Search

Finding the perfect match from advice on company type, size and area based on client requirement.

Business Valuation

Evaluating all aspects of the business including legal and financial aspects.

Business Purchase

Actual negotiation and finalization of purchase.

Welcome Services

Advise on travel to and arrival in Canada including fulfilling a wide range of business requirements in Canada.

Settlement Services

Advise on starting your new life in Canada.

Value Added Services

Tailor made services for specific needs of each client.


Our differentiators


As a business person your key focus is maximizing returns. This is what an investment in Canada provides. A business friendly economy, unparalleled tax environment, huge market and enormous talent provides huge opportunities for global investors.

Know more about the industries that we cater to.


Canada has an environment conducive to doing business. Both federal and provincial policies and incentives encourage good business practises. In addition, a lot of businesses are available for sale due to owner retirement or medical reasons. A lot of these are good established business where the owners are looking for experienced entrepreneurs to carry on their business.

The result you get an established, revenue earning business from day one which is commensurate with your skills and background. As a country it is a developed economy and has a reasonably  stable economy which will protect you from the risks of business shutdown. Some of the reasons for this economic stability are low tax rates, freedom to do trade and the well-managed bureaucracy. A win-win situation for you.

Canada is the right choice for your business expansion if you are looking at an economy that has:

  • A positive Business Environment

  • Friendly People

  • Talented Workforce

  • Vast resources


An amalgamated team of Indian and Canadian business, finance and legal experts ensure that all gamuts of our client’s investment process are covered and the advice is as per the latest guidelines and processes of both countries. A safe and secure way to invest and diversify your portfolio.

The BizCan way...

What sets us apart...

A one-stop shop for all your business purchase and move to Canada requirements. A specialized team of experts ensure that you receive a service tailor made to your requirements  and are able to purchase your business in Canada in a hassle free and verified manner. In addition our team ensures a smooth transition with our settlement services.
Get in touch with us at info@bizcan.ca to learn more about the same.
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